About Me

I am a proud Marketing Nerd working in Marketing and Communications in Toronto, Canada. I love marketing and especially advertising that’s smart and on-target. And while most people talk a walk to the refrigerator or use the washroom when commercials come on, I remain happily glued to the TV. Hey. I also get a kick of walking the retail aisles checking out promotions.When I graduated from school, I thought I was “creative” so a career in advertising and marketing seemed to make sense. I supposed I imagined it would be like an episode of ‘Mad Men’ but decades later. You sat around creating great ideas and then “sold” those concepts to clients over dinner, or after a few drinks. The ideas were clever, well written and delivered primarily through Radio, TV and Print.  And back in that Pre-Historic age of communications, dinosaurs still roamed planet Earth!!!In today’s Attention Deficit Disorder world, the number of communication choices are almost infinite — as are the number of ways those same consumers can Tivo; Spam Block, Register on the Do Not Call List, or avoid any communication deemed useless. Word-of-mouth is king and so is asking your social network before making final purchasing decision.

Ad man David Ogilvy, often called the ‘Father of Advertising”. used to say “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” In other words, treat the consumer as someone who is special to you. Hopefully, you won’t try to lie, hide things, or talk down to them. In today’s world, a bad consumer experience travels at the speed of sound and lives on social media forever.

I want to offer my POV about marketing, social media and pop culture because the topics are relevant. And via blogging I can self-publish, unload, rant, and applaud about my passions. I hope you will join me in the dialogue.



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