Art or Advertising? – Cartier’s Christmas Winter Tale

Move over cute and cuddly Coca-Cola Polar Bears.  Santa Claus you can now take Christmas holidays.  Cartier has launched another strikingly beautiful ” L’Odysée de Cartier” TV ad once again using Jaguars to get consumers into the spirit of shopping and giving.

The first Cartier ” L’ Odysée  film” launched just into time for Valentines 2012.  Cartier’s advertising agency Paris-Based Marcel Worldwide (part of the Publicis Groupe Network) created the first cinema epic to fete the company’s 165 year history, values and inspiration and  artistic scope.  It  went viral and has since earned over 16 million views on You Tube alone.

Nutcracker Suite For Adults – Bridge Between Dream and Reality 

In this most recent instalment, 2 Jaguar cubs play hide and seek in a snow-laden forest of Fir trees filled with discoveries and precious gifts from where else? –  Cartier Jewellers. Although the gifts are definitely out of my snack bracket, the ad is visual stunning using CGI technology and film to showcase Cartier’s baubles.  This is certainly not your average brand sell.

I think this is the most artistic and beautiful uses of product placement I have seen. What do you think of the commercial?


3 thoughts on “Art or Advertising? – Cartier’s Christmas Winter Tale

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  2. Beautiful and artistic, however, I feel like something is missing. There seems to be no “call to action” which leaves this as a fantastic piece of art and a useless piece of advertising in my opinion.

    • Phil, excellent observation! And your thoughts really go to the heart of the debate and my question. I think the agency/client are trying to tap into the aspirational aspect of receiving that special gift for Christmas. Question? Is this the gift that women dream of?

      The ads must be generating sales for Cartier because this is second instalment and very expensive to produce. The first commercial, not including media time, had a production budget of more than US$5 Million and took 2 years to complete. I am still trying to find the production costs for the “Winter Tale” Christmas spot. It will be interesting to learn if the artistic approach motivated consumers to buy and this tale concluded with everyone living happily after.

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