Polar Bears Turn On The Soft Drink Industry

Award-Winning Ad Man Alex Bogusky is using Polar Bears to turn against the Carbonated Soft Drink Industry in a 4-minute animated film entitled ‘Real Bears’. The video was created on behalf of a Washington-based food and health advocacy group – the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The irony is Mr. Bogusky, a creative director and former partner at advertising powerhouse Crispin Porter + Bogusky, at one time worked on part of the Coca-Cola Company’s business and had no difficulty being handsomely to do so. Now, he has had a change of heart and decided to bite the hand that once fed him. I have included the link for you. The Unhappy Truth about Soft Drinks?

Coca-Cola Polar Bears attack soft drink industry for host of ailments

Set to an original track called “Sugar” by singer Jason Mraz, Mr. Bogusky uses a somewhat cute Polar Bear family, an iconic image normally associated with the Coca-Cola Classic brand, depicting the terrible side effects from drinking sugar-based soft drinks. Over time, Papa Bear becomes too fat to catch fish; experiences erectile dysfunction, develops diabetes resulting in a paw amputation and has rotting bleeding teeth. Despite all these ailments the Bear family still continues to buy more product from the “Be Happy Please” machines – a direct hit at Coca-Cola Classic’s ‘Open Happiness’ ad campaign and pervasive vending machines. In the end of the video, Papa Bear realizes the family is sad because of how the sugary drinks make them all feel and dumps the soda into the ocean.

To add fuel to the discussion, Mr. Bogusky juxtaposes negative health information along quotes from soft drink executives stating a lack of scientific evidence that drinking sugar-based drinks causes health issues. The video drives viewers to a website, where visitors are invited to share the video via social media.”Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin it. Google+ it. Email the link to your friends and relatives. Show it at school. Sit down and watch it with your whole family. Host a movie night and watch it before the main feature. Talk about The Real Bears on your YouTube show. Embed it on your website or blog. Have at it. You are the messenger. Sharing is the only means we have to make sure the unhappy truth about soda gets out to the world.”

Unbalanced video smacks of self-promotion

The video animation is really terrible and perhaps that was the intended to keep you focused on the message. It certainly demonstrates the ‘KISS’ method. In fair disclosure, I used to work in the promotions department for the Coca-Cola Company. The company offers consumers a range of drinking beverages to satisfy every thirst -carbonated, non-carbonated, isotonics, fruit beverages, water, tea and coffee. My biggest issue is the lack of balance depicted in the video. I want to know why Mr. Bogusky primarily focuses on the Coca-Cola Classic brand to the exclusion of the competition? Why not include Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, Snapple and the other manufacturers? Also, I would have appreciated the video showing the importance of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Drinking carbonated beverages will not be the sole contributing factor to poor health. Your health is based primarily on the total lifestyle choices you make. And in moderation, there is nothing wrong with the odd soft drink. I stress the word “moderation”. The medium detracts from the message. It is one thing to use your recognized voice for a cause you believe in. However, in this case the video smacks of self-promotion to me.


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