Samsung Galaxy S3 takes on the soon-to-be released iPhone5

“The next big thing was already here”

The cell phone war between Samsung and Apple continues to heat up. Check out the very clever Samsung Galaxy tv ad poking fun at the iPhone5 new release. The ad shows fans already waiting in line to get their hands on the new iPhone5 and them being taunted by owners of the S3 because they those features already exist on their Galaxy S3 phone. The ultimate slap to Apple is the son waiting in line to buy the phone for his 50-something year old parents. Samsung have said that they have merely taken conversations that are currently occurring throughout culture and the media and have reflected them in the ad.

I think the Samsung campaign was “smart” because it broke through the smartphone clutter, pointed out the iPhone 5 features in a humourous way and had people talking about it. The ads still managed to take a “small bite” out of Apple’s smartphone sales. You might say that Samsung borrowed the same advertising playbook from Apple when it ran the hugely popular Mac vs. PC ads in 2007. Apple was not afraid to take on Microsoft-operated computers or direct pot shots that made the PC features seem outdated and better suited to an older demographic. Those ads doubled Mac’s share of the computer industry and they never looked back.


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